PatternMaster v5 Bust Point Settings

Settings Defined

The Bust Point Vertical and Bust Point Horizontal settings determine the location of the marked bust point and the dart point locations for the side bust and front waist darts in PatternMaster v5. The bust point is the fullest part of the bust mound. It is not always were the nipple is positioned in your bra.

The bust point (as determined by the two settings) is marked with a circle on the bodice front pattern. The dart point for the side bust dart and the front waist darts are measured out and down from this marked circle by the amount specified in the Upper Front Dart Length setting.

See the on-screen Settings Help for illustrations on how to take the Bust Point Vertical and Bust Point Horizontal measurements.

v5 bust point

Once you have tested your fitting garment and are satisfied with the position of the bust point and front darts, you can set defaults for these settings so that all of your styled patterns will be drafted accordingly.

Default Settings

Set these dart defaults as follows:

  1. While on the Fit Garments screen, choose View/Set Defaults from the File menu.
  2. v5 bust point

  3. Click on the Darts Tab.
  4. v5 bust point

  5. Select the desired amount for each setting from the drop down box.
  6. v5 bust point

  7. Check all of the check boxes as shown below and press the Save button on the Defaults screen.
  8. v5 bust point

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