PatternMaster Neck Measurement

The purpose of the neck measurement in PatternMaster v5 and v6 is to determine the thickness of the neck from shoulder seam to shoulder seam.


  • The neck measurement should be taken high and tight.
  • The program uses a formula along with the neck measurement to determine the length of the pink line shown in the diagram.
  • The neck measurement does not set the overall length of the jewel neckline.
  • The drafted jewel neckline is a combination of the neck width, and front and back neckline depth default settings.
  • The neck defaults can be changed to adjust the neck width, front and back neck depth, as desired.
  • A larger than average neck circumference (average is 13 - 14 inches) may result in the distance represented by the blue line as being longer than needed. The neck measurement should be reduced until the jewel neck drafts where desired.
  • A smaller than average neck measurement may result in a neck that is too narrow. The neck measurement should be increased until the jewel neck drafts were desired.