Cameo Apparel Pattern Software - a mix-n-match suite created for the design professional!

Cameo v6 is ... powerful pattern making, grading, made to measure, and marker making software for apparel designers, professional pattern makers, and fashion design educators.

All Cameo modules and libraries are priced and sold separately so you can buy only what you need.

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What is Cameo v6?

  • Cameo v6 is powerful apparel pattern development software for professional pattern makers developed and programmed by an expert patternmaker.
  • With Cameo, you can do anything from custom dress making and costuming to mass customization and standard-sized apparel production.
  • Cameo's apparel production tools allow you to draft and edit patterns, custom size or grade patterns, lay markers, and create technical drawings and specifications.
  • Cameo is sold in modules and libraries as described below. Choose the combination of modules with the features most suitable for your needs.
  • Cameo comes with a 15-day unconditional money-back guarantee.


Why Cameo v6?

  • FREE Fit Garments module for creating custom sized fit garments for women, men and children
  • FREE Style and Materials Management module
  • FREE and unlimited technical support
  • Integrated help, movie tutorials, and written projects
  • Invented, written, and supported by an expert pattern maker
  • Support for Windows based printers and plotters
  • Rotate/Move patterns on print screen to improve paper usage
  • Print full, half, and quarter scale
  • Export to PDF format
  • Export to standard AutoCAD DXF format
  • HTML, RTF, and PDF Reporting