PatternMaster Tailor Made v6 Slide Show


PatternMaster Tailor Made drafts patterns for an entire adult man's wardrobe. There are no upper size limits in Tailor Made. All patterns are drafted to YOUR measurements, fit, and design preferences. The slides below showcase the Tailor Made garment screens, style settings, and other features.

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Measurements and Tutorials

Tailor Made measurements

Tailor Made Measurements


PatternMaster Tutorial Videos


PatternMaster Tutorial Articles


fit garments

Tailor Made Fit Garments


Tailor Made Shirts


Tailor Made Jackets


Tailor Made Jumpsuits


Tailor Made Pants


Tailor Made Accessories

Seated Figure

tops for seated figure

Tops for Seated Figure

jackets for seated figure

Jackets for Seated Figure

pants for seated figure

Pants for Seated Figure

Components and Settings


Tailor Made Darts


Tailor Made Sleeves


Tailor Made Collars


PatternMaster Pockets

shirts/jackets settings

Tailor Made Shirt/Jacket Settings

pant settings

Tailor Made Pant Settings

style summary

PatternMaster Style Summary

fit and design defaults

PatternMaster Default Settings

Print Patterns and Style Catalog

full screen

PatternMaster Show Full Screen

print screen

PatternMaster Print Screen

print to pdf

PatternMaster Printing to PDF

style catalog

PatternMaster Style Catalog

open/edit styles

PatternMaster Open/Edit Styles

view yardage details

PatternMaster View Yardage Details

Sewing Instructions

guide sheet

PatternMaster Guide Sheet

guide sheet

PatternMaster Guide Sheet

sewing dictionary

PatternMaster Sewing Dictionary

Pattern Editor and Yardage Calculator

pattern editor

PatternMaster Pattern Editor

pattern editor tools

PatternMaster Pattern Editor Tools

yardage calculator

PatternMaster Yardage Calculator